Tips to Find a Safe Neighbourhood When Moving to a New Area

Have you decided to purchase a new home? Congratulations! Before you pack up your family and your belongings, it is important to sit down and think about a few things when it comes to moving in to a new area. One of the main concerns for you will be safety.

Believe it or not, the level of safety of the neighbourhood you will be moving to affects the value of your property. If or when you decide it’s time for you to move again, you want to be able to sell the home and not have it sit on the market.


The first thing you can do is take a tour of the neighbourhood and look at the conditions.

Take a drive through to see if there are any run-down homes or homes with broken or boarded up windows, and if the neighbourhood is overall well-kept. If you feel unsafe driving through the streets, you will never feel comfortable living there. 


The second thing you can do is to check to see the number of homes that are for sale in the area.

If you notice that there is an unusual number of homes for sale in the neighbourhood, it can indicate that this is not a place where you want to live.


The third thing you can do is go out and talk with people who are living in the area.

Take some time to introduce yourself as a potential neighbour and get their opinions of the neighbourhood. They will be able to give you a good insight into what goes on there when it comes to safety.


South Coast Property Specialists wants to help you and your family love your new home and your new neighbourhood. These proactive measures make for a smooth and calm home buying process. To talk more to our team about safety, call today.